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+DerelictLua by Michael Weber, Jr.
+This project is Lua ( bindings to the Derelict2 project (
+This project only supports Lua 5.2 and a D2 compiler.
+Currently this project only targets windows. If someone comes up with code for other
+operating systems, I will be glad to include it.
+To build on windows using the build.bat you must check out DerelictLua into the same
+folder as your Derelict2 location. The DerelictLua folder should be in the same directory
+as DerelictUtil, DerelictGL, etc... Otherwise you need to edit the build.bat file to
+reflect your directory setup. By default it will create DerelictLua.lib in the \lib folder
+and it will create interface files in the \import folder.
+DerelictLua comes with four import files:
+derelict\lua\lua.d : Imports luatypes.d and luafuncs.d and defines the DerelictLua import object
+derelict\lua\luatypes.d : Various enums and aliases to the Lua types
+derelict\lua\luafuncs.d : The Lua functions
+derelict\lua\luad.d : Templetes to common Lua functions for D
+WARNING: In building DerelictLua I found that compiling with -O caused some very bad things
+to happen that I think are caused by a compiler error but I am looking into. For the mean
+time do not compile DerelictLua or any code that links to it with -O.
+derelict\lua\luad.d must imported on its own and needs some explaining. 
+The other projects in Derelict do very little to clean up the interface between C and D 
+by design. For this project I felt that Lua has a number functions that all do the same 
+basic thing but for different types and would benefit from the ability to group them into 
+one function to call. In that light luad.d defines the following functions: 
+These functions all evalutate there parameters at compile time
+bool lua_is(T)(lua_State*, int)
+This function overloads the lua_is*(lua_State*, int) functions.
+e.g. lua_is!lua_Number(lua_state, -1); // checks the top of the stack to see if it is a lua_Number
+T lua_to(T)(lua_State*, int)
+This function overloads the lua_to*(lua_State*, int) functions.
+e.g. auto x = lua_to!int(lua_state, -1); // returns the top of the stack as an int
+void lua_push(T)(lua_State*, T)
+This function overloads the lua_to*(lua_State*, int) functions.
+e.g. lua_push!int(lua_state, 20);
+Only lua_tostring is supporeted from the string facilities as lua_push!string
+Some of the push functions return pointers to the data, this function discards that
+void lua_push(T)(lua_State*)
+Overload of the previous function for lua_pushthread and lua_pushnil
+void lua_push(T)(lua_State*, T, int)
+Overload of the previous function for lua_pushcclosure
+In order to support the above functions, luad.d defines to following aliases:
+alias lua_State* lua_Thread; // Note that this is already a pointer type and that "lua_Thread* thread" is wrong
+alias void* lua_Function;
+alias void* lua_Table;
+alias void* lua_Userdata;
+alias void* lua_LightUserdata;
+alias void  lua_Nil;
+I am pretty sure everything works but I have not tested it throughly, please let me know
+of any bugs that you discover.