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Jerry Daniels has graciously offered to release glx2 as an open-source project. This is the main repository for the code. Glx2 is a script editor for LiveCode/Runtime Revolution. We have removed any licensing restrictions on the script editor, so all the code is open and hackable.

GLX2 is released under the MIT license.

The human-readable summary of the legal code is "You can do whatever you want with this, just please don't sue me." The only modification to the MIT license below is that when Jerry Daniels released glx2 as open source, he requested that I leave the attributions to him and Daniels/Mara in there, so I request that anyone who makes a derivative copy do the same. Have fun and don't hurt yourself. Batteries not included.

Documentation is now up at

Installation instructions are at


We now have it working on OSX, Windows, linux; and in the LiveCode, Runtime Revolution, and MetaCard environments. Note that if you are using this with Runtime Revolution you will need at least version 3.5.

...and it works great with PowerDebug and PowerTools from

It has been pointed out to me that the old ning site for glx2 documentation has disappeared, so this should be the place for new documentation.

Update: Documentation is now up at

I'll start things off by pointing out that calls to handlers in scripts show up as underlined links to the handler itself. And handlers that are in a different script show up as underlined *and* italics. If you click on a linked handler you will be taken to that handler in its script and a breadcrumb to your original place will be placed in the header toolbar.

Clicking on the breadcrumb will return you to your original placeholder in your original script. You can option-click or alt-click the breadcrumb to remove it from the toolbar.


You can group the handlers in a script into folders for better organization. Folders are created by making a line starting with "--> ": for instance the line

--> socket handlers

will create a folder named "socket handlers", and all the handlers in the script below that line until another folder is reached will be sorted into that folder in the handlers list.

I usually start my script with

--> * history /**

  • a bunch of history lines here
  • /

--> *constants

constant kWhatever=value

--> housekeeping


2015.10.31 GLX2 3.0.19

There is no longer a problem editing a stack previously edited by another editor. There is now a slightly longer delay because the script is loaded each time, but the engine is now fast enough that this shouldn't be noticeable.

There is now a proper license file. GLX2 has always been licensed under the MIT license, but there was no external notice of this, only a custom property (uRIP["EULA"]) of the mainstack.

The "red dot" breakpoints are now functional, with or without PowerDebug. This is a Big Deal, because the dot positions are recalculated when you compile so that the actual breakpoints stay in sync with the visual indicators. To toggle a breakpoint for a given line, right-click on the line and select the option from the pop-up menu. Note that the ghost breakpoints are not persistent, i.e., they only exist for the current session. NOTE: If you use breakpoints without PowerDebug in the system, you will end up launching the IDE's script editor on hitting a breakpoint. The IDE's debugger is intimately intertwined with the IDE's script editor.

bugs fixed:

  • The properties were never included in clairvoyance completion
  • Fixed miscellaneous problems with glx2 plugin handler code

2014.07.10 GLX2 3.0.18

Looks like I never got around to uploading v17, and here it is a year after 16. Lots of increases in speed and some bug fixes along the way.

2014.07.10 GLX2 3.0.16

bugs fixed

  • Two folding structures problems fixed
  • "else if" was folding in the middle
  • the combination of folding structures and block comments could lose text
  • Re-enabled live colorization
  • Bernd Niggeman contributed live colorization fixes
  • Fixed the cursor flickering problem
  • Broke and fixed clairvoyance
  • Frontscript was interfering with text/icons display in the IDE's dock

2013.07.05 GLX2 3.0.15


  • The F3 key now acts like command-G as a "Find Again" command
  • Disabled the note-to-handler list as causing problems

(still) known issues

  • The insertion point cursor would disappear on OSX 5.0.2 (only)
  • Double-click to find needs to narrow scope for local vars and parameters
  • Sometimes a script tab has a formatted length of 14 (0+14)

bugs fixed

  • Block comments now colorize properly
  • Settings would open and then immediately close (bad preferences switch)
  • Typing "< " would lose text and reposition the insert cursor
  • Fixed the disappearing conjunctions thing (thanks to Bernd Niggeman)

2013.05.02 GLX2 3.0.14


  • Speed: editing and formatting is now *much* faster
  • Clairvoyance knows the difference between commands and functions
  • Unclosed quoted strings are highlighted in red
  • Return key on OSX now compiles script, Enter enters a newline
  • Hover tooltip features:
  • constants show their values
  • color names show their RGB values
  • Double-clicking a variable highlights all instances of that variable in the script
  • Better PowerDebug integration on script errors:
  • error text appears in GLX2 statusbar and as tooltip on line with error
  • GLX2 responds to the "show source" button on the LC6 message box

known issues

  • Double-click to find needs to narrow scope for local vars and parameters

bugs fixed

  • Structure outlines:
  • inserting/deleting a new line wasn't adjusting outline size
  • Script info panel was broken: now displays more information
  • Message box kept popping up on dual-monitor systems

2012.12.07 GLX2 3.0.13

The *real* release of 3.0.13 after I accidentally uploaded an alpha version the other day.


  • Version control can now be disabled on an individual stack basis. This sets the stack's custom property uRIP["glx2VersionControl"] to "never". If you change your mind and want to put a stack under version control after disabling it from control, delete this custom property.
  • Quoted strings that aren't properly closed will now highlight the entire line in red.
  • The Watched Variables right-click plugin now launches PowerDebug's Watched Variables editor stack to allow for conditional breakpoints.
  • Containers are now colorized. Colors are the same as for control keywords for now.

known issues

  • Live Colorization doesn't work inside block comments.
  • Macro processing was causing some problems, and I'm not sure anyone actually used it, so it's been deprecated.
  • Features that have been deprecated/removed from glx2 are now in the "extras" folder. It's part of the legacy code, so I didn't want to just dump them, but they're in unknown state and not recommended.

bugs fixed

  • Inserting the "--> all handlers" line into text incorrectly placed the cursor at the end of that line instead of the end of text.
  • ExplicitVars wasn't being picked up properly from the IDE setting. Might not work with MetaCard.
  • Formatting a handler's parameters messed up following lines in the handler if a continuation char existed.
  • A period would close the clairvoyance popup window.
  • Live colorization recognized "--" but not "-- " (with a trailing space).
  • Uncommenting a line of text would lose its colorization.
  • Formatting issues with "&", "<" and ">" embedded in text being deleted or mangled.
  • The outline block wasn't scrolling correctly with the text all the time.
  • Multiple split screens are now more stable.
  • Tab key wasn't formatting text properly inside a handler.
  • Cursor was positioned at start of text after formatting.

2012.11.01 GLX2 3.0.12 (Go Giants!)


  • The font selector in the preferences pane was bringing up a hard-coded list instead of grabbing the fontNames, so now it gets the whole list. Adobe's new open-source SourceCode Pro font looks great. Download it from
  • Control+mouseOver the Find button turns it into "Find All", which will bring up a list of the locations of the found phrase anywhere in the stack file scripts (stack, substacks, cards, controls). Clicking on any line in the datagrid will bring that script up in the script editor with the specified line highlighted.
  • All the 3.0.11 features below.
  • Got the German keyboard AltGr key working now, thanks to Gunter Gaich.

2012.09.19 GLX2 3.0.11

Coming up on the equinox. Never got a chance to announce this, so 3.0.11 is an unofficial release, and all the features here should be considered as being rolled into 3.0.12.

new stuff

  • Code folding preference for control structures
  • Complete on return preference
  • Warning if you try to undo past the last save
  • Licensing changed to MIT model
  • Removed no-click inspection (attempt to get German keyboard working)
  • Code stubbing added to new commands and functions
  • Live colorization completely refactored
  • Version Control updated:
    • more version control features (Branch, Merge, Checkout, Reset To..., Remove)
    • lots of bug fixes
    • Recreate Object from archived files

bug fixes

  • fixed menubar disappearance on OSX
  • fixed (I think) live colorization problems
  • 'function' wasn't being colorized/capitalized
  • fixed link to docs on preferences panel
  • fixed crash if close script editor/toggle GLX2 off with stack still in memory
  • Refactoring:
    • change signature didn't handle split lines
    • change signature had problems with function parameters

known issues

  • There's still a preprocessor problem with = signs embedded in block comments
  • Still doesn't handle the German keyboard.

2012.08.01 GLX2 3.0.10 About time to release this one.

new stuff

  • Refactoring support in the Script menu. Not everything is working yet, but it's a good start, and the parts that aren't there yet will tell you so.
  • Unlimited undos! This is a big deal. I got rid of the old undo mechanism that wasn't really working very well and put a FILO stack array in its place. Fast, efficient, and you can undo all the way back to when you first opened the script editing session.

known issues

  • Refactoring to change the signature of a function is still wonky. Commands work ok, but I still need to do some work on the function parameter formatting.

2012.06.20 GLX2 3.0.9

bug fix

Live colorization again. There was a nasty bug with spaces at the end of a line containing a comment would mangle the text. Getting a bit frantic with bug fixes as we approach conference time.

2012.06.18 GLX2 3.0.8

bug fix

Sigh. Not a good idea to launch a modal dialog from a menubar. Changed the Version Control substack to a modeless launch to avoid a hung IDE.

2012.06.18 GLX2 3.0.7

Faster git

I found a "do" statement that was slowing down git saves. Practically imperceptible now. It's safe to do the 'Export stack' command.

2012.06.17 GLX2 3.0.6

New features:

  • lcTaskList compatibility. Right-click on a line in the script editor to insert a task comment.
  • Right-click the GLX2 icon in the status bar to invoke the preferences panel.
  • More git integration.

Note: "export stack" takes a LONG time. Do this only once to a stack.

Bugs fixed:

  • Closing the last open tab no longer crashes glx2.
  • Enabling icons on tabs no longer causes version control crash.
  • Live colorization is working better.

2012.06.07 GLX2 3.0.5

  • Restores command-G Find Selection/Find Again processing.
  • Also, stacks are now tagged for version control. If a stack hasn't been tagged and you have git enabled you will be asked if you want to start tracking the stack. At present you can explicitly prevent stacks from being tracked, but you'll be asked each time you save.


GLX2 3.0.4 fixes an uninitialized variable problem that prevented some comment colorization if bold folder links wasn't selected. Weird. Also re-enabled live colorization that was accidentally disabled in the previous build.

GLX2 3.0.3 is now ready for downloading. It may still be a bit rough around the edges, but it's a major departure from previous builds. The script editor is now separated from the other parts of the older glx2 builds (the property editor, VAB, utilities) and the other parts are now separate stacks. This makes the code cleaner and easier to maintain. I can't guarantee that the property editor and VAB are working properly at this point, but I'm not sure if anyone uses these. They'll be cobbled together as time permits.

New to this release:

  • Split screen viewing has been restored. Shift-click on a tab to open a second screen for viewing. Shift-click it again to close the split pane. Still can only edit the lower pane, but it's a start.
  • Compatibility with Bill Vlahos' lcTaskList plugin
  • Live colorization of lines as you type. Live colorization has been disabled for comment lines because there's still an issue with that, but it'll get fixed later on.
  • A start at git version control integration: new items in the Tools menu. If you have git installed you can enable version control integration from the Tools menu. This will automatically stage text files containing the scripts of edited stacks when you do a save, and create a metadata directory structure to contain them. All other git commands are manual (commit files using the Tools submenus). No explicit diffs yet, but you can launch gitk from the menu.
  • A start at refactoring support in the Script menu. Currently supported: converting literal values to constants, converting globals to script- or handler-locals. More to come later.

So... you can just replace the "GLX2 Code" stack in your plugins folder and have the new version running. Don't need to add the other stacks, but it won't hurt anything if you do. The PowerPlug stack contains some of the utility functions that were previously in the main stack ( hiding/showing the tools stack, etc), so you may want that as well.

The stacks are all saved in 2.7 file format, so they should be compatible back to at least Rev 3.5. Compatibility testing with versions earlier than 4.6.4 has been spotty, though. There may be some issues with earlier prefs files - toss them if in doubt, and they'll be rebuilt.


I made one fix to the uExtensions macro to handle "case" statements. I updated the 1.19 file but put the macro files in their own zip file for a faster download if that's all you need.

2012.04.10 v1.19foss

Fixed the no-click options for OSX. The menubar on OSX no longer disappears and reappears. Closing the stack, either with the closebox or via close-and-remove-from-memory, now triggers the removal of appropriate script editor tabs through a cleaner mechanism than before.

2012.04.07 (the Mozambican Women's Day release) v1.18foss

Fixed a couple of major refactoring oversights. Option-control or option-command are now back in service for no-click editing. The status bar now again shows the current mouse object.

2012.03.23 (the Equinox release) v1.17foss

This should take care of LC 5.5. I've found some things that don't work in the MetaCard environment, but the majority of things still do.

NB: I'm doing some major refactoring here, so I'll post an experimental version soon. I think I'll branch the code because this will be a major change. What I'm working on is splitting the script editor, property editor, and VAB into separate stacks. This should make maintenance tasks easier and improve the code base as well.

2012.03.14 (the Pi Day release!) v1.16foss

Getting ready for the LiveCode 5.5 release, there are a couple of things that need to be changed, so doing a Save As will prompt you with a file version dialog before continuing with the save. The Script Snapshots is also saved in legacy 2.7 format for compatibility between different LiveCode versions. Clairvoyance finally shows handlers from the IDE's builtin external libraries (xml, db, zip) and is now smart enough to show only commands where commands are appropriate and only functions where only functions can be used. Pressing the tab key while in clairvoyance selects the highlighted entry. The File menu was messed up. It's better now, but probably needs more tweaking.

2012.03.06 v1.14foss

The mouseDown handler in the GLX2 menu now does an exit to top after a paste to get around a conflict with tmControls that caused a double paste on OSX. And this still just to get past the LC5.x bug.

2012.02.24 v1.13foss

Well, that one *almost* fixed it. I have now added command-X and command-V to the commands glx2 is handling rather than handing control over to the engine. Seems to be working now on OSX 10.6.8 and LiveCode 5.0.2.

2012.02.23 v1.12foss !!! I've finally got a hack that (I think) solves the menubar thing. I'll put the gory details in the issue report, but this seems to be working properly for LC5.x on all platforms.

2012.02.20 v1.11foss

<sigh> I have now backed off completely from trying to fix the menubar thing on my own. The menubar now show up properly in all situations on OSX, but if you're using LC 5.x you have to hold down the control key for about 800 milliseconds to get it to register. No problems with LC 4.6.4 and before.

2012.02.05 v1.10foss

Thought I had the control- and command-key slowdown fixed, but it looks like it will have to wait for an engine fix from the rev team. At least it only affects OSX now and not linux. The problem is isolated to setting the menubar, and GLX2 needs to set the menubar on OSX.

2012.01.18 v1.07foss

New feature added! I've been wanting this for a long time. You can now highlight the outline of control structures by right-clicking on (for instance) an if statement to show where its corresponding end if statement is. Or right-click on the end statement to see the beginning of the control structure. This works with if, repeat, switch, and try structures. If the structure is too long to fit on the current screen you can press control-shift-O (for outline) to keep it highlighted, then scroll the screen, and finally press control-shift-O again to when you're done.

You can also right-click a left parenthesis to highlight text to its matching right parenthesis.

As a result of this, right-clicking on a term no longer brings up the dictionary definition. To see the word in the docs, press the F1 key.

2012.01.07 v1.06foss

Two bug fixes here and a lot of refactoring: Comments starting with a double slash ("") weren't being recognized properly. This is now fixed in a few places and refactored where possible. Selecting handlers from the handler list is fixed. Again. Known issue: folders need *one* space as separation, not more: --> handlerName -- works --> handlerName -- doesn't

2011.12.05 v1.05foss

Clicking the handler list wasn't always grabbing the correct handler in the script. Combination of filter and wholematches and lineoffset. Got it fixed now. Breakpoints weren't triggering if PowerDebug wasn't in the system. Breakpoints now trigger the builtin debugger if PowerDebug isn't present, PowerDebug otherwise.

2011.10.19 v1.04foss

Startup time is much faster - multiple cards now use behavior buttons, so glx2 no longer has to update and save itself on each launch. F1 key does dictionary lookup. Highlight color set to gray


Cleaned up colorization a bit. Added a bit of help to keep you out of trouble: normally invocations of commands and functions will be formatted as links to the handler. But now if you call a command as a function or call a function as a command it won't be formatted as a link as an aid to pointing out what might be wrong in the code. Constants are now formatted in green in the code to differentiate them from variables.


Bug fixes: Switching motif between chalkboard and alabaster wasn't selecting colors properly until after restart. Selecting handlers from the handler pane wasn't working. Formatting with tab key wasn't working properly.


Cleaned up code, refactored a whole bunch, fixed handler linking, got speed increases in the process. Fixed that annoying thing where compile errors would bring up the error dialog instead of highlighting the problem. Breadcrumbs now return you to the line you came from, not just the start of the handler you were working on. Breakpoints show up in red to catch your attention.

Known issues: Linking from the handler list doesn't work if the linked text is later in the script than a subset that's earlier in the script: findMyTextInSomeBox will fail to bring up that handler if there's a findMyText handler earlier in the script.


First official release announcement as an open-source project to the LiveCode developer community. Click the "Follow" icon if you want to be notified when updates are made to the script editor.


Somehow the uRIP custom properties didn't make it into the first release, so I put those in again and re-uploaded it. No other changes.