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Table of content

  • About pyfreebilling
  • License
  • Features
  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Contact information
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What is pyfreebilling

pyfreebilling is an open source wholesale billing platform based on Kamailio and FreeSwitch .

pyfreebilling is developed under python, LUA and PostgreSQL as the database layer.


Please visit :


pyfreebilling is under AGPLv3 license. You can read it in COPYING file.

AGPLv3 License


There are a some features supported. Most of them are configurable via the web interface. A few of them are:

  • Customer add/modify/delete
  • IP termination
  • SIP authentication
  • Prepaid and/or postpaid
  • Realtime billing
  • Block calls on negative balance (prepaid) or balance under credit limit (postpaid)
  • Block / allow negative margin calls
  • Email alerts
  • Daily balance email to customer
  • Limit the maximum number of calls per customer and/or per gateway
  • Multiple contexts
  • Tons of media handling options
  • Powerfull ratecard engine

  • Provider add/modify/delete

  • Powerful LCR engine
  • Routing based on area code
  • CLI Routing
  • Routing decision based on quality, reliability, cost or load balancing (equal)
  • Limit max channels by each provider gateway

  • Extensive call and financial reporting screens (TBD)

  • CDR export to CSV

  • Customer panel

  • Design for scalability

... and much more :)


In order to run pyfreebilling, you need the following configured, secured and working Basic Operating System (Linux or BSD, but also windows).

The project uses freeswitch, PostgreSQL and Django.

Contact Information

Name: Mathias WOLFF

Email: website contact form



Customer panel Admin interface

And many more ... PyFreeBilling gallery


To get free support, a dedicated forum is online : PyFreeBilling community support

If you need paid support, specific features or consulting services, you will find support services prices on PyFreeBilling website :


If you want to support my developments you are welcome to buy me a cup of coffee :)

Paypal donation


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