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import itertools
import logging

from provider import read_database_key

class Client(object):
    def __init__(self, path, url):
            path: path to local database file
            url: the *escaped* url of site page for which links should be
                extracted from local database

        self.path = path
        self.url = url
        self.error = ''

    def links(self):
        Return all links on current page.

        if not hasattr(self, '_links'):
                self._links = read_database_key(self.path, self.url)
            except Exception, ex:
                self._links = []
                self.error = unicode(ex)
                logging.error(u'sape: %s' % unicode(ex))
        return self._links

    def next_links(self, number=1):
        Return next `number` links on current page.

        if not hasattr(self, '_iterator'):
            self._iterator = itertools.chain(self.links())
        return list(itertools.islice(self._iterator, number))

if __name__ == '__main__':
    client = Client('/tmp/links.db', 'five')
    print client.next_links(1)
    print client.next_links(2)
    print client.next_links(10)