MyGet - npm pipelines sample

This project contains an example of building, packaging and publishing an npm library to MyGet using Bitbucket Pipelines. Once published to MyGet, the package can be used in other projects using the NuGet package manager.

The pipelines configuration:

  • Uses the node 5.10-slim Docker image
  • Runs the following commands:
    • npm install
    • npm test (optional, disabled by default)
    • npm pack
    • Publishes the package to a MyGet feed

Before being able to invoke the Bitbucket pipeline, there are a couple of environment variables to be configured:

  • MYGET_NPM_REGISTRY_URL: The full URL of the NuGet feed on MyGet without https://
  • MYGET_NPM_USERNAME: MyGet username
  • MYGET_NPM_APIKEY: yGet API key (base 64 encoded)