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ROS Programming

This user manual describes how to program the Robobo robot using ROS (Robot Operating System). This manual assumes some basic knowledge of the use of ROS and its main concepts, and focuses exclusively on the particular description of how to use Robobo with ROS.

In order to use the Robobo educational robot from ROS (Robot Operating System), it is required to install and use the the Robobo Developer Android app.

In summary this manual describes:

  • How to install and configure the Robobo Developer app on an Android smartphone. This application makes the Robobo robot compatible with ROS.

  • List and describe all the messages that can be exchanged between a ROS program and the robot, in order to to control its actuators and access its sensors.

  • Provide examples of how to write ROS programs in Python.

As you will see in this manual, ROS programs for the Robobo robot can not be run "inside" the robot, they must be run in a remote computer (or even a Raspberry Pi or any other small computer). Nevertheless, Robobo integrates a ROS master, so that developers can write ROS programs as remote nodes connected to the Robobo master (programmers can also use external masters if they want).

The following sections provide all the detailed information required to use ROS with Robobo: