Http Request Recording module ----------------------------- Adds recording and/or playback of http requests, so the build server does not actually call external services. Add the config of the module to codeception.yml in your project: ``` modules: config: Essent\Test\Codeception\Module\Vcr: cassettePath: 'tests/_vcr' record: true playback: false ``` * cassettePath: path to save the recordings * record: whether to record http requests (should be true in vagrant, all other environments false) * playback: whether to playback http request recordings (use false in vagrant, all other environments true) And add the module to the config yml of your suite SUITENAME.suite.yml: ``` modules: enabled: - Essent\Test\Codeception\Module\Vcr ``` The module should not be used in the UNIT suite (since they should mock http requests anyway).