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bash scripts

  • manage
  • bash aliases
  • hosts file
  • vhosts
  • install projects from git
  • download remote mysql database
  • import mysql dumps


This project requires a configuration directory with the following structure:

    - vhosts/
    - hosts/
    - bash_alias/

When using the project-configure or project-install commands, the generated config files will also be written to this directory.

To tell mythlux where your config directory is, add the following global to your bash:

export MYTHLUX_CONF_DIR="/your/config/dir"

To install all executables globally (symlinks to /usr/local/bin):


scripts will invoke sudo when needed, do not run the scripts themselves with sudo unless you know what you are doing

managing bash aliases, vhosts and hosts

when using any of the hostsfile-update or bash-update-aliases commands, the existing files will be overridden!


When generating vhosts with apache-update-vhosts, only symlinks will be overridden. This command only symlinks hosts to /etc/apache2/sites-available, never to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

When using the project-configure or project-install command, an additional call will be made to a2ensite though.

project install

This command installs a web project. It will perform the following steps:

  • checkout git repo
  • check if composer is present, execute composer install
  • check if symfony app/cache and app/logs is present, gives permissions (requires setfacl)
  • creates vhost
  • create hosts file config
  • updates vhosts and hosts file (!overrides existing file!)