Greg Aker  committed 3d7edfa

Fix: #236 Adding audio/mpeg3 as a valid mime type for mp3

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File application/config/mimes.php

 				'midi'	=>	'audio/midi',
 				'mpga'	=>	'audio/mpeg',
 				'mp2'	=>	'audio/mpeg',
-				'mp3'	=>	array('audio/mpeg', 'audio/mpg'),
+				'mp3'	=>	array('audio/mpeg', 'audio/mpg', 'audio/mpeg3'),
 				'aif'	=>	'audio/x-aiff',
 				'aiff'	=>	'audio/x-aiff',
 				'aifc'	=>	'audio/x-aiff',

File user_guide/changelog.html

 			<li>Documented db->close().</li>
 			<li>Updated the router to support a default route with any number of segments.</li>
 			<li>Moved _remove_invisible_characters() function from the <a href="libraries/security.html">Security Library</a> to <a href="general/common_functions.html">common functions.</a></li>
+			<li>Added audio/mpeg3 as a valid mime type for MP3.</li>