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Fixed return value for middleware
Changed to setuptools. Bumped version
Added simple middleware, for single cart only use
Changed request.carts to a dict -- now the middleware actually works
Added default CARTS setting
Fixed middleware to use name param Fixed url in
Merged contributions from SmileyChris
Chris Beaven
Incomplete, but proof-of-concept for middleware and attaching carts directly to the request object
Chris Beaven
Merge upstream
Chris Beaven
How did this giant pep8 flaw miss my rigorous test
Chris Beaven
Reworked API to behave more like a normal list Moved key to __init__ param 'name'
Added Context Processor. Fixes #1
Corrected _default_manager reference
Fixed #3 Use _default_manager instead of objects
Fixed #2 Use pk instead of id
Added .hgignore Removed leftover 'model' param Added classifiers to
Moved model and session key to class attributes
Initial commitInitial commit