Nico Adams


An ontology of descriptors for computational chemistry and QSAR/QSPR


The ChemAxiom Chemical Metadata otology is currently under construction. Please check back soon!


The ChemAxiom units ontology is currently under development. Please check back soon.


The chemical continuants ontology is the result of the integration of all ChemAxiom ontologies relevant to chemical continuants.


ChemAxiomPolyClass is a component of the ChemAxiom set of ontologies. It defines a taxonomy of polymers in terms of generic chemical structure and will assist with the typing of polymeric materials.


ChemAxiomPoly is a module of the ChemAxiom set of ontologies. The ontology contains and models terms which are in common use across polymer chemistry and materials science.


ChemAxiomMetrology constitutes an ontology of common measurement techniques in the chemistry and materials science domain.


ChemAxiomProp is an ontology module in the ChemAxiom set of ontologies for chemistry. The ontology provides a dictionary of and models a number of chemical and materials properties.


ChemAxiomChemDomain is the first in a set of extensible ontology modules for the domain of chemistry. Currently, it defines and clarifies a number of fundamental terms that are needed to describe chemical entities as well as the roles that some of these entities may assume under certain circumstances.

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