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Added postmkvirtualenv hook file

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File conf/postmkvirtualenv

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+# This hook is run after a new virtualenv is activated.
+# Put this virtualenv in your .virtualenvs folder if you want to automatically
+# download django-nbskel and pip install requirements.
+proj_name=$(echo $VIRTUAL_ENV|awk -F'/' '{print $NF}')
+wget http://bitbucket.org/nabucosound/django-nbskel/get/tip.tar.gz
+tar xzvf tip.tar.gz
+mv django-nbskel $proj_name
+echo "Running pip requirements..."
+pip install -r $proj_name/conf/requirements.txt
+echo "********\nNext steps:\nvim $proj_name/conf/project_conf.py\npython $proj_name/conf/setup.py\n********"

File conf/project_conf.py

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 # Path to your python site-packages. If you are using virtualenv, remember
 # to put the workon path, not the global site-packages.
-# SITE_PKG_PATH = '/home/myuser/.virtualenvs/myproject/lib/python2.6/site-packages/'
+#SITE_PKG_PATH = '/home/myuser/.virtualenvs/myproject/lib/python2.6/site-packages/'
 # Apache folder to available sites