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Modified setup.py to use plain distutils. Updated overview.rst

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-Soon I'll package the whole thing and upload it to PyPi_ for the sake of standard installations.
+The package is listed in the `Python Package Index`_. You can use easy_install::
-.. _Pypi: http://pypi.python.org/
+    sudo easy_install django_nomadblog
+You can alternatively download the source code for the latest release here: http://bitbucket.org/nabucosound/django-nomadblog/downloads/
+.. _Python Package Index: http://pypi.python.org/
 Mercurial checkout


-VERSION = (0, 1, 1)
+VERSION = (0, 2)
 __version__ = '.'.join(map(str, VERSION))
-from setuptools import setup, find_packages
+from distutils.core import setup
     author='Hector Garcia',
-    url='http://bitbucket.org/nabucosound/django-nomadblog/',
-    packages=find_packages(),
-    zip_safe=False,
-    package_dir={'nomadblog': 'nomadblog'},
+    url='http://nomadblue.com/projects/django-nomadblog/',
+    download_url='http://bitbucket.org/nabucosound/django-nomadblog/downloads/django-nomadblog-0.2.tar.gz',
+    packages=['nomadblog'],
       'Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
       'Environment :: Web Environment',
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