Original Spec


We require a small, robust server side script and cron job to:

  1. read a set of instruments and field names from a MySQL database
  2. connect to the third party webservice, make a data request
  3. parse the returned XML message into MySQL database tables (or generate an error message)
  4. run calculations on the updated tables to update additional fields (for example price differences and simple moving standard deivations etc)

The script must be fully configurable, so that changes to the XML schema/messages and/or calculations can be managed easily, and keep detailed logfiles. The script language is open to suggestion, but it must be robust, stable and able to run reliably unattended

The script must also be able to be executed on an adhoc (on demand) basis via a remote request (eg. via a small webservice).v

The solution will be running on an AWS EC2 linux instance and reading/writing from a MySQL database.


  1. Must have proven experience writing scripts that interface with MySQL databases (insert/delete/update) and webservices. XML parsing and simple calculations.
  2. Must have a 100% completion rate on all projects
  3. Must have a minimum 4.5/5 star rating
  4. Must have at least 20 hours of work on upwork, or be able to show the equivalent on other freelancer sites
  5. Knowledge of financial market data (tickers, stock prices) would be useful to have but not required