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+//October 10, 2013//: Boogaloo 0.4.3 released. It is a faster and more stable version of the symbolic Boogaloo powered by Z3. Available both for download and [[http://cloudstudio.ethz.ch/comcom/#Boogaloo|on the web]].
 //May 30, 2013//: The [[http://cloudstudio.ethz.ch/comcom/#Boogaloo|comcom]] web interface is now running the brand-new version of Boogaloo with symbolic execution and the Z3 constraint solver in the back-end. We will release this version and update the documentation below, once it becomes stable enough; for now you can check it out from the smt-constraints branch. Note that building it requires @wests 's version of [[https://bitbucket.org/wests/z3-haskell/|z3-haskell]].
 //February 5, 2013//: Boogaloo 0.2 released, now with backtracking! [[Release notes]]