Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed 3f9eb7e

- reinstate insert returning back into test_insert.py; defaultdialect
needs to be explicit here since tablestest sticks testing.db onto metadata.bind

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 class CRUDTest(fixtures.TestBase, AssertsCompiledSQL):
     __dialect__ = 'default'
-    def test_insert_returning_not_in_default(self):
-        stmt = table1.insert().returning(table1.c.myid)
-        m = "RETURNING is not supported by this dialect's statement compiler."
-        assert_raises_message(exc.CompileError, m, stmt.compile)
     def test_correlated_update(self):
         # test against a straight text subquery


             'INSERT INTO sometable (foo) VALUES (foobar())', params={})
+    def test_insert_returning_not_in_default(self):
+        table1 = self.tables.mytable
+        stmt = table1.insert().returning(table1.c.myid)
+        assert_raises_message(
+            exc.CompileError,
+            "RETURNING is not supported by this dialect's statement compiler.",
+            stmt.compile,
+            dialect=default.DefaultDialect()
+        )
 class EmptyTest(_InsertTestBase, fixtures.TablesTest, AssertsCompiledSQL):
     __dialect__ = 'default'
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