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silk - terminal emulator to control multiple commands at once

silk open multiple virtual terminals for each command and send keyboard input for all/some/one terminal.

So, for example, you can login multiple hosts using ssh and control all hosts.


  • python
  • GTK+3
  • pygobject with gobject-introspection
  • vte


$ --help
Usage: [options] [command, command, ...]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        (default: ~/.silkrc)
$ : connect multiple hosts
$ 'ssh host1' 'ssh host2' 'ssh host3'
$ : or you can use alias if it defined in config file(see below)
$ host1 host2 host3
$ : or use hostlist
$ hostlist

Key bindings

Ctrl-Alt-s:toggle sync mode
 toggle all terminal's sync mode
Ctrl-Alt-h:move focus to left
Ctrl-Alt-j:move focus to down
Ctrl-Alt-k:move focus to up
Ctrl-Alt-l:move focus to right
Ctrl-Alt-Left:move focus to left
Ctrl-Alt-Down:move focus to down
Ctrl-Alt-Up:move focus to up
Ctrl-Alt-Right:move focus to right
Ctrl-Alt-w:move focus to next
 move focus to previous

Config file

Config file allow you to change terminal size or column num, define alias and host list.

This file is written by python language, so you can use any power of python.

  • alias is just a string for command to execute
  • host list is just a list of string

~/.silkrc is used by default. you can specify file path using --config option.