Tai - Web and IRC chat daemon

Tai is a chat daemon for web and IRC. It also provides bouncer and log viewer functionalites.


Fetch source code and type command:

$ cd /path/to/tai
$ pip install .

This command also installs dependencies in your system.


Start daemon like this:

$ taid --allow-user-to-sign-up --database='file:///path/to/database.fs?blobstorage_dir=/path/to/database.fs.blob/'

and then, open http://localhost:6680/ in your web browser.

Once you sign-up'ed and creates a user account, you can also use your favorite IRC client to connect the daemon (by default, port 6667 is used for IRC service.)

At the first time you start taid, it generate random password for console user admin and print it to stdout. You can login admin/debug console through SSH protocol, using this password.