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Add configuration option to change $TERM.
Add "Copy URL" menu item.
Open URL when URL is Ctrl + clicked.
Add "Copy URLs" menu item.
Add "Reverse Video" menu item.
Parse command line options.
Use pack1(), pack2() to add Paned.
Disable making frame smaller than its minimum size request.
Call do_focus_in() instead of set_term_colors().
Disable "Close Ohter Frame" menu item when there is only one frame.
Pass tupple to isinstance.
Create main() and remove MainWindow.main().
Remove terminal from synced_terminal in MainWindow.
Move VirtualTerminal.do_commit to MainWindow.
Move window title related methods to MainWindow.
Call terminal's grab_focus(), not self.
Move sync related method to MainWindow.
Append frame related menu item in MainWindow.
Handle keyboard shortcuts in MainWindow.
VirtualTerminal.create_popup() only create gtk.Menu object.
Handle 'child-exited' signal in MainWindow.
Create "MainWindow.create_terminal()" method.
Workaround for sync mode copy and paste.
Add "Sync/Async All Frames in This Window" menu items.
Add sync mode.
Add "Open Terminal" menu item.
Change method to check whether shift/control/alt key is pressed or not.
Fix Firefox drag and drop issue.
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