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 56854d93c5955528ae233c75edb3348a18bba3af stable
 25bd2ab5502b78066ff5d18dffecf136a7dc54e1 unstable
 56854d93c5955528ae233c75edb3348a18bba3af unstable
+56854d93c5955528ae233c75edb3348a18bba3af stable
+4ac904c62cc61d2e8f500f34fd708683966494eb stable
+56854d93c5955528ae233c75edb3348a18bba3af unstable
+4ac904c62cc61d2e8f500f34fd708683966494eb unstable
+4ac904c62cc61d2e8f500f34fd708683966494eb 0.6.71

File app/protected/config/common.php

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+            'application.modules.install.serviceHelpers.SetIncludePathServiceHelper',

File app/protected/modules/install/serviceHelpers/SetIncludePathServiceHelper.php

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+    /*********************************************************************************
+     * Zurmo is a customer relationship management program developed by
+     * Zurmo, Inc. Copyright (C) 2012 Zurmo Inc.
+     *
+     * Zurmo is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
+     * the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 as published by the
+     * Free Software Foundation with the addition of the following permission added
+     * to Section 15 as permitted in Section 7(a): FOR ANY PART OF THE COVERED WORK
+     *
+     * Zurmo is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
+     * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
+     * FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more
+     * details.
+     *
+     * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
+     * this program; if not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses or write to the Free
+     * Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
+     * 02110-1301 USA.
+     *
+     * You can contact Zurmo, Inc. with a mailing address at 113 McHenry Road Suite 207,
+     * Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA. or at email address contact@zurmo.com.
+     ********************************************************************************/
+    /**
+     * Checks if set_include_path command(used only in minify scripts for now) is not disabled,
+     * for example by "php_admin_value include_path" directive in Apache configuration.
+     * set_include_path is used in minify scripts
+     */
+    class SetIncludePathServiceHelper extends ServiceHelper
+    {
+        protected $required = false;
+        protected function checkService()
+        {
+            $passed = false;
+            $originalPath = get_include_path();
+            $minifyPath = dirname(__FILE__) . '../../../extensions/minscript/vendors/minify/min/lib';
+            if (set_include_path($minifyPath . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path()))
+            {
+                $this->message .= Yii::t('Default', 'Minify library is included.');
+                $passed = true;
+            }
+            else
+            {
+                $this->message .= Yii::t('Default', 'There is problem with php set_include_path command.' .
+                    'Command can fail if "php_admin_value include_path" directive set in Apache configuration.' .
+                    'Another sollution is to disable minify script in config files.');
+            }
+            set_include_path($originalPath);
+            return $passed;
+        }
+    }

File app/protected/modules/install/tests/unit/AutoBuildDatabaseTest.php

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             $afterRowCount              = DatabaseCompatibilityUtil::getTableRowsCountTotal();
             //There are only 6 extra rows that are not being removed during the autobuild process.
             //These need to eventually be fixed so they are properly removed, except currency which is ok.
-            //activity_items (3), contact_Opportunity, (1) _group__user (1), currency (1)
-            $this->assertEquals($beforeRowCount, ($afterRowCount - 6));
+            //contact_Opportunity, (1) _group__user (1), currency (1)
+            $this->assertEquals($beforeRowCount, ($afterRowCount - 3));
             if ($unfreezeWhenDone)

File app/protected/modules/install/utils/CheckServicesUtil.php

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+                         'SetIncludePath'

File app/protected/modules/install/utils/InstallUtil.php

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                                      '$forceNoFreeze = false;',
-            if ($minifyScripts)
+            $setIncludePathServiceHelper = new SetIncludePathServiceHelper();
+            if ($minifyScripts && $setIncludePathServiceHelper->runCheckAndGetIfSuccessful())
                 $contents = preg_replace('/\$minifyScripts\s*=\s*false;/',
                                          '$minifyScripts = true;',

File app/protected/modules/zurmo/components/BeginRequestBehavior.php

File contents unchanged.

File app/protected/modules/zurmo/utils/ZurmoTips.php

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         Yii::t('Default', 'Let Zurmo crunch the numbers, add calculated fields to your records in Designer.'),
         Yii::t('Default', 'Parlez vous Français{spaceAndFirstName}?  Choose your preferred language in your My Profile area.'),
         Yii::t('Default', 'Click on the Map link on records to see the customer location on Google Maps.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Save yourself time and click the pencil icon to jump right in and edit your record.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'See more search results by clicking the down arrow at the bottom of the screen.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Remember{spaceAndFirstName}, the Audit Trail shows you what has changed on a record and who changed it.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Need to see the big picture? Click Roll-Up to see activities from related records.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Upload attachments to a record by clicking "More Options" when adding a note.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Want to export your data directly to Excel?  Search for the data you need and hit the Export button.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Recently Viewed lets you jump back to any records you have looked at lately.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Find what you need quickly using the global search at the top of the screen.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'The Import Wizard helps get your data into the system easily, find it under the config icon (thats the cog in the top right).'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Got questions{spaceAndFirstName}?  Find answers in the Zurmo Wiki.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Tag Cloud fields allow you to tag records with values so that you can easily find them later.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Need help{spaceAndFirstName}, why not ask a question in the forum?'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Decide who can view and edit a record, set Group rights and permissions.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'The Notifications speech bubble keeps you up to date on important events.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Set your preferences, password, and contact details in your My Profile area.'),
+        Yii::t('Default', 'Edit charts on the dashboard by clicking the config icon in the top right of each portlet.'),
     return $tips;

File app/roots.php

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     define('IS_LINUX', PHP_OS == 'Linux');
     define('IS_WINNT', PHP_OS == 'WINNT');
+    define('IS_OSX', PHP_OS == 'Darwin');
     // The application has only been tested in Linux, and
     // Windows variants identifying themselves as WINNT.
-    assert(IS_LINUX || IS_WINNT); // Not Coding Standard
+    assert(IS_LINUX || IS_WINNT || IS_OSX); // Not Coding Standard
     define('COMMON_ROOT',   dirname(__FILE__));
     define('INSTANCE_ROOT', getcwd());

File app/version.php

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     define('MAJOR_VERSION', 0);                           // Update for marketing purposes.
     define('MINOR_VERSION', 6);                           // Update when functionality changes.
-    define('PATCH_VERSION', 7);                           // Update when fixes are made that does not change functionality.
+    define('PATCH_VERSION', 71);                           // Update when fixes are made that does not change functionality.
     define('REPO_ID',       '$Revision$');                // Updated by Mercurial. Numbers like 3650 have no meaning across
                                                           // clones. This tells us the actual changeset that is universally
                                                           // meaningful.