This script creates views, users, permissions, menu items and actions. Currently they are created in the tests/ directory of the module.


./ module_name

Translate module using apertium with the possibility to use a specific dictionary file, genereted by this script. []

To use specific dictionary, you need to generate tmx file, use -g option to do it.

./utils/ -g -l ca_ES -m <module-name>

This command, first generate en-ca.tmx file and then translate all terms of <module-name>.

Export especific language from tryton module using proteus.

./utils/export_translations -d <database> -m <module> -l <language>

Some statistics from po file, like translation percent, fuzzy and untranslated terms

./utils/check_translations -m <module> -l <language>

Creates a new tryton project based on NaN·tic's buildout repository:

./ <project_name> <version>

Version is currently required although it is not used yet.

First you need to install dependencies, download repositories

and as root:

cd sphinxcontrib-inheritance && python install cd trydoc && python install

and as user:


To update modules used in documentation.

./utils/ -d <database> -c <config-file>

Rembember to execute to generate documentation again.