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 This library provides modules for Python 2.x that expose some of the
-more recent File System related API calls in POSIX.1-2008. This includes
-the functions openat, mkdirat, unlinkat, and other similar calls suffixed
+useful File System related API calls, including some of those added
+in POSIX.1-2008. This includes the functions openat, mkdirat, unlinkat,
+and other similar calls suffixed
 with "at". These calls exist to help defend against race conditions and
 support thread-level working directories. Typically these functions take
 one or more directory file descriptor and a relative path as arguments.
+This library also comes with custom directory listing functions that
+mimic os.listdir by default but can provide additional information
+(d_type) when passed a flag. Similarly, file discriptor and iterator
+based versions are also available.
 Additionally, this library provides a util module that has a higher level
 interface for working with open directories and other functions that
 use the lower level library calls.
-The api for these functions should be compatible with the functions
-that will be available in Python 3.3 and above, if said function is
-present in the posix module.
 ['0', '1', '3', '5', '7', '9', '11', '13', '15', '17']
+The api for the POSIX.1-2008 `*at` functions should be compatible with the
+functions that will be available in Python 3.3 and above,
+if said function is present in the posix module. If you use both and find
+differences, please let me know.
+The listdir-like functions should behave similarly to os.lisdir when
+not passed any flags. The extended listdir calls are designed only to
+vary where appropriate.
+I am currently testing against Linux and FreeBSD. Specifically,
+Fedora 14 and up and FreeBSD 9.0. If you think the module should work
+on your platform and it does not, please report a bug. Please be aware
+that I do not have access to proprietary/esoteric platforms. This module
+will not work on Windows systems.
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