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John Mulligan  committed 82c0de6

update doc paragraph to match reality

Between the time I wrote the 1st version of the docs and the Python
3.3 release the python devs combined the *at functions into the
"standard" counterparts. I intend to continue exposing the
functions as-is.

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-The API for the POSIX.1-2008 `*at` functions should be compatible with the
-functions that will be available in Python 3.3 and above,
-if said function is present in the posix module. If you use both and find
-differences, please let me know.
+The API for the POSIX.1-2008 `*at` functions mimic those found in
+the C library. For the 3.3 release the developers of the Python
+Standard Library combined these functions with the existing
+versions in the `os` module. However, the underlying functionality
+is provided by the same APIs that fslib exposes directly.
+(I have considered adding another module that would provide a similar
+API to that of the Python Standard Library but have not done the work yet.
+The fslib module will always continue to expose the lower level API directly.)
 The listdir-like functions should behave similarly to os.listdir when
 not passed any flags. The extended listdir calls are designed only to