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fsnix - Modern File System APIs & Such

This library is designed to expose various file and file system related APIs for modern POSIX compatible systems to Python. This includes functions that wrap openat and other *at type calls (from POSIX.1-2008) that are not available for Python 2.x. In addition it provides a stdlib compatible listdir call which can also be used to return d_type values from a directory entry on file systems that support that feature.

This package provides 'fsnix.fslib' which is the compiled module that provides the "full" low-level api. The module 'fsnix.fswlib' is a ctypes wrapper that tracks fslib where possible and can be used where you can not use a C compiler. Finally 'fslib.util' provides some convenient, higher-level, more pythonic interfaces that use the other modules.

  • Current Version: 0.2
  • License: MIT License