fsnix / Makefile

	python setup.py build

dist: clean
	$(MAKE) sdist

	python setup.py sdist

	python setup.py build_py -d . -c
	python setup.py build_ext -i

test: local
	PYTHONPATH=$$PYTHONPATH:. python tests/test_fslib.py
	PYTHONPATH=$$PYTHONPATH:. python tests/test_fswlib.py
	PYTHONPATH=$$PYTHONPATH:. python tests/test_util.py

doc: local
	sphinx-build doc/source  build/doc

docserve: doc
	cd build/doc && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888

	python setup.py clean -a
	$(RM) -r dist build
	$(RM) fsnix/*.so  fsnix/*.pyc
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