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tcsupport no longer exists: this is now called silversupport.

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 If you have needs that aren't met by Silver Lining, the best way is to
 modify Silver Lining itself.  It's a good chance you want to put
-something in ``*``.  This isn't perfect, but it has
+something in ``*``.  This isn't perfect, but it has
 a side-effect that there's a collective benefit to these new features
 (since it's something reusable), and applications stay a bit simpler.
 Big features (a bunch are listed in the `todo <todo.html>`_ also
 And then an API like::
-    <script src="${tcsupport.href['jquery']}"></script>
+    <script src="${silversupport.href['jquery']}"></script>
 Using ``__getitem__`` would make this more Django-template friendly I
-believe (though a more traditional ``tcsupport.href('jquery')`` could
+believe (though a more traditional ``silversupport.href('jquery')`` could
 also be supported).
 This could also be the basis for the CDN setup, and it's possible that
     app.js file = static/js/app.js
     all_js combine = jquery.json app.js
-Then in production ``tcsupport.href('all_js')`` would return a URL
+Then in production ``silversupport.href('all_js')`` would return a URL
 pointing to the minimized and combined version of all those files, and
-``tcsupport.href('jquery.json')`` and ``tcsupport.href('app.js')``
+``silversupport.href('jquery.json')`` and ``silversupport.href('app.js')``
 would both return None.  In development the inverse would be true.
 Using ``silver serve`` there should be an option to do
     images directory = static/images/
-And then use ``${tcsupport.href('images')}/folder.png``
+And then use ``${silversupport.href('images')}/folder.png``
 Start Up Local Service
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