Ian Bicking  committed c99edb9

Make sure permissions of ~www-mgr are correct. Fixes #22, patch by qwertyface

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File silverlining/server-sync-scripts/

 if [ ! -e /home/www-mgr ] ; then
     ## --gecos=none suppresses the querying for name, room #, etc.:
     adduser --disabled-password --gecos=none www-mgr
-    mkdir -p /home/www-mgr/.ssh
+    mkdir -p -m 700 /home/www-mgr/.ssh
     cp /root/.ssh/authorized_keys /home/www-mgr/.ssh/authorized_keys
     chown -R www-mgr:www-mgr /home/www-mgr/.ssh/
+    chmod 600 /home/www-mgr/.ssh/*
 ## Make www-data part of the adm group, which means it can read