This repository contains details on how to build a low-magnification (4x or 10x) brightfield/epifluorescence microscope with a computer-controlled stage for a reasonably low cost ($3000 USD).

It contains: 1) Design files for a printed circuit board (PCB) that must be fabricated and assembled. This PCB controls the stage motors, the brightfield light source, and the epifluorescence light source. 2) Code to run on the microcontroller (Teensy 3.2) that controls that PCB. 3) Labview code to interface with the PCB. 4) A complete parts list to build the openAutoScope 5) A step-by-step tutorial showing how to assemble the openAutoScope.

openAutoScope was developed by me (Nate Cermak) in Steve Flavell's lab at MIT in 2017. It takes inspiration from many previous designs including wormTracker 2.0