Nathan M. Dunfield's personal LaTeX and BibTeX style files.

* nmd/article: A document class which allows one to easily switch between 
  the AMS, Geometry & Topology, and its own custom style (inspired by 
  Hatcher's "Algebraic Topology").  In particular, a document that uses this 
  style can easily be switched over to either  "amsart" or "gtpart" with
  minimal modification.

* nmd/math: math definitions; collaborators should look here for what's 

* nmd/letter: University of Illinois letterhead.

* nmd/hw: homework.

* nmd/exam: exam style.  

Usage: Rename this "latex_class" directory/folder as "nmd" and put somewhere 
in your LaTeX search path; the simplest thing is just to put the "nmd" directory 
in the same location as the TeX file(s) you want to use it with. 

For information about the various options/features of these classes, see the 
top of the file "article.cls".  Sample documents are in the "templates" 

Copyright 2009 to present by Nathan M. Dunfield; released under the terms of
the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.