Interactive Guide To Quadric Surfaces

The original version of this gallery was written by Jonathan Rogness and first appeared in the 2005 volume of the Journal of Online Mathematics; it can also be view on Rogness's website.

In 2016, Nathan Dunfield redid the the interactive 3D graphics from scratch using three.js instead of LiveGraphics3D. This allows the guide to be viewed on web browsers that lack Java (which in 2016 is most of them). Dunfield also updated the styling to better support phones and smaller tablets, and switched to MathJax for displaying the formulas.

You can view the current version at


Just download the zipfile for the repository and view locally or put on your webserver as appropriate.


Copyright 2004-present by Jonathan Rogness and Nathan Dunfield, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.