An Emacs major mode for editing Progress OpenEdge/Advanced Business Language files.


Download abl-mode.el, put it in your ~/.emacs.d/ directory (or somehwere on
your Emacs load path), and add (load-file "abl-mode.el") to your
~/emacs.d/init.el and you should open *.p files in ABL mode (or you can
invoke it explicitly with M-x abl-mode).


Improve abl-mode by

  • Using it (if you find yourself having to program in ABL)
  • Open issues if you find bugs or
    want to suggest new features (better support for automatic indentation would
    be great!).
  • Open a pull request.


New features that might be developed are

  • Automatic indentation
  • Skeletons for common ABL boilerplate
  • Better integration with Emacs's Package system

Copyright (C) 2015 by Nathaniel Knight.

Provided under the MIT License.

See license.txt for copying permissions.