Ballistic SmashBing

This is a game written in Rust that can be built as a native executable or as a web page using WebAssembly (and some supporting JavaScript).

The game is divided into two parts: the game library is responsible for defining game states (including physics and animation) and updating it in response to player input. It also emits output events (like playing sounds or quitting the game). THe game client runs the main game loop, draws the game state, collects player input, and handles output events from the game library. The game library is in libsmashbing. There are two game clients (one native and one web) in smashbing-native and smashbing-web.

See the individual crates for build and test instructions.

This is my code for LOWREZJAM 2018. I've done a Pong clone in Rust, so I figure it's time to do a breakout clone.