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(GCPi) Google Calendar Python Interface


This package provides some basic classes and methods to communicate with a Google Calendar Account, and, of course, create new events/comments, modifiying or delete the existing ones.

This new branch 1.0 aims to add Calendar Management and Access Management.


gcpi.py : Python module. gcpi.dox : Extra Documentation in doxygen style. setup.py : Setup script. README.txt : This file.


Download the last developpement version, and run as root: # python setup.py install


Please, report us any comment or suggest.

Rémy Hubscher <natim@users.sf.net> http://bitbucket.org/natim/gcpi/

Lluis Gesa <lluis.gesa at gmail dot com> http://www.hlod-wig.org/index.php/gcpi

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