LO52 / arduino_c3 / beamercolorthemeUTBMOfficial.sty

% Copyright (c) 2010 
% Manuel Vonthron - <manuel DOT vonthron AT acadis DOT org>
% This file may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of 
% the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2

% colors 
% based on official palette for official presentations

\setbeamercolor*{part title}{bg=utbmpurple,fg=white}

\setbeamercolor*{titlepage utbmline}{fg=white,bg=black}
\setbeamercolor*{titlepage titleline}{fg=white,bg=utbmpurple}
\setbeamercolor*{titlepage subtitleline}{fg=white,bg=utbmgrey}
\setbeamercolor*{titlepage authorline}{fg=utbmwtfisthatpink,bg=utbmyellow}
\setbeamercolor*{titlepage logoline}{fg=black,bg=white}
\setbeamercolor*{titlepage imageline}{fg=black,bg=white}


\setbeamercolor*{headerline fullnav}{fg=utbmwtfisthatpink,bg=utbmyellow}
\setbeamercolor*{headerline shortnav}{fg=utbmwtfisthatpink,bg=utbmyellow}
\setbeamercolor*{headerline utbm}{parent={titlepage utbmline}}

\setbeamercolor*{mini frame}{fg=utbmwtfisthatpink}

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