NGalerie is a Python project that aim to enable fast management of Reflex Camera pictures.

The picture are store in landscape way even if they shouldn't, there is a miniature file inside that we could remove.

We also want to be able to resize them at a usable size, create external thumbnails and give them a meaningful name such as the date of picture's shots.

NGalerie is a CLI software with useful function to make it do what we want.


This script does three things :

  • Resize all JPG of a directory to a certain size
  • Rotate physically the file using EXIF information
  • Rename images using the DateTime EXIF file information


You will need PyExiv2 and PIL to run this project

  • PyExiv2 to extract EXIF information
  • PIL to exploit images files


Rename files using shot datetime:

ngalerie --rename /media/CAMERA/DCIM/100NIKON/ ~/Images/ACC

Rotate and Resize images:

ngalerie --resize 1280 --rotate /media/CAMERA/DCIM/100NIKON/ ~/Images/ACC

Resize, rotate rename and create thumbnail with a special copyright:

ngalerie --resize 600 --max-dir agrandie \
         --thumb-size 200 --thumb-dir miniature \
         -tr --artist "Remy HUBSCHER" \
          --copyright "Afpy Computer Camp 2011" \
          /media/CAMERA/DCIM/100NIKON/ ~/Images/20110806