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Popup song notification on un-pause

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 v0.9 - Pending
 	+ Use local artwork (cover.jpg, folder.jpg) first, if it exists
 	  (requires music_directory to be specified in preferences)
+	+ Popup song notification on un-pause
 v0.8.1 - October 19, 2006
 	+ Add Polish translation (Tomasz Dominikowski)
 	make selection, dnd, more like thunar
 	make remote images non-blocking
 	sonata --play, --pause, --stop, etc
+	preserve aspect ratio of images (up to max of 160x160)
+	show notification on unpause
 	allow multiple columns?
         if self.conn and self.status:
             if self.status.state in ('stop', 'pause'):
+                # Forces the notification to popup if specified
+                self.labelnotify()
             elif self.status.state == 'play':