Tomate is a simple productivity notification icon freely inspired from the
Pomodoro technique.

The idea is as follows: when you click the icon, it becomes red. Clicking means
you commit to working without interruption for at least ten minutes. After these
ten minutes, the icon turns green, meaning that you are free to continue working
or to take a break whenever you like. When you’re done working, click the icon
again: it will turn back to grey, and inform you of the time you spent working.

The rationale is that the hardest part of working is getting at it. Past the
first ten minutes, continuing to work is far easier. So you only have to commit
to the first ten minutes, your motivation should do the rest.

Running and installing

To run the applet, simply launch ./

You can also install it globably on your system using the provided install
script. The command to launch is then "tomate" (without the .py).

If you like it, I would suggest adding it to the startup applications of your desktop