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     from StringIO import StringIO
 __all__ = ['DefaultPluginManager', 'PluginManager', 'EntryPointPluginManager',
            'BuiltinPluginManager', 'RestrictedPluginManager']
     def __getattr__(self, val):
         return getattr(self.plugin, val)
 class EntryPointPluginManager(PluginManager):
     """Plugin manager that loads plugins from the `nose.plugins` and
     `nose.plugins.0.10` entry points.
     entry_points = (('nose.plugins.0.10', None),
                     ('nose.plugins', ZeroNinePlugin))
     def loadPlugins(self):
         """Load plugins by iterating the `nose.plugins` entry point.
         from nose.plugins import builtin
         for plug in builtin.plugins:
     import pkg_resources
     class DefaultPluginManager(BuiltinPluginManager, EntryPointPluginManager):
         self.exclude = exclude
         self.excluded = []
         self._excludedOpts = None
     def excludedOption(self, name):
         if self._excludedOpts is None:
             from optparse import OptionParser
             for plugin in self.excluded:
                 plugin.options(self._excludedOpts, env={})
         return self._excludedOpts.get_option('--' + name)
     def loadPlugins(self):
         if self.load:
             if ok:
         self.plugins = allow
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