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Simple image viewer, multiple images, auto refresh from (recursive) folders.

usage: [-h] [-f] [-g] [-t] [-n] [-p CAPTION_SCALE] [-r] [-a]
                    [-s WAIT_NORMAL] [-l WAIT_NEW] [-d {0}] [-m COLS ROWS]
                    [-c] [-v]

AlterShow 1.3.2

positional arguments:
  folder                Images folder (default: .)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f, --fullscreen      Start fullscreen (default: False)
  -g, --opengl          Use OpenGL (default: True)
  -t, --stay-on-top     Start fullscreen (default: True)
  -n, --show-filename   Show filename (default: False)
  -p CAPTION_SCALE, --caption-scale CAPTION_SCALE
                        Filename caption scale (default: 1.0)
  -r, --recursive       Recurse in subdirs (default: False)
  -a, --autorefresh     Autorefresh images list (default: True)
  -s WAIT_NORMAL, --wait-normal WAIT_NORMAL
                        Wait time for normal slideshow (default: 5)
  -l WAIT_NEW, --wait-new WAIT_NEW
                        Wait time for new/user requested images (default: 20)
  -d {0}, --display {0}
                        Start on selected monitor (default: -1)
  -m COLS ROWS, --multi-images COLS ROWS
                        Multi image grid size (default: (1, 1))
  -c, --config          Load and save config at exit (default: False)
  -v, --verbosity