1. Matteo Bertini
  2. PeMS utils



PeMS utils

This repo contains some scripts I used during my PhD at Università degli Studi di Firenze.

The dependencies are:

  • scikits-timeseries
  • python2-scipy
  • svmlight
  • python2-numpy
  • python2-yaml
  • python2-matplotlib

The folder can be of some interest for other is scripts/ and contains some python command line scripts to download and preprocess traffic data from http://pems.dot.ca.gov

Those scripts are building blocks for some more complex pipeline, so loops on more stations periods are demanded on a higher level tool, as GNU make or plow.

To download the PeMS data you'll need a valid account and set <username> and <password> in the download_pems_clearinghouse.py file, for example a you can download one month of data from the District7 with:

$ download_pems_clearinghouse.py -d pems/d07 7 5min 2008-04

Once you have downloaded the needed dbx archives, you can run the scripts in seasonal/sh, before you have to add the scripts folder to your PATH.

For example executing:

$ sh/lag-curve-months-pakeflow.sh five-stations.list > lag-curve-months-pakeflow-expanded.sh

will generate the script to execute the lag experiment

Examples of the usage can be found in seasonal/sh scripts. No docs, sorry.