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docs update, version bump

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   be logged and authenticated + threaded performance unlikely to hgweb
 - mako templates let's you cusmotize look and feel of appplication.
 - diffs annotations and source code all colored by pygments.
+- mercurial branch graph
 - admin interface for performing user/permission managments as well as repository
+- setup project descriptions and info inside built in db for easy, non 
+  file-system operations
 - added cache with invalidation on push/repo managment for high performance and
   always upto date data.
 - rss /atom feed customizable
 - full permissions per project
-- setup project descriptions and info into db
 - git support (when vcs can handle it)
 .. note::

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 @author: marcink
-VERSION = (0, 7, 7, 'beta')
+VERSION = (0, 7, 8, 'beta')
 __version__ = '.'.join((str(each) for each in VERSION[:4]))