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don't show empty permissions on my account page

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             %for k in c.rhodecode_user.permissions[section]:
+           <%
+           if section != 'global':
+               section_perm = c.rhodecode_user.permissions[section].get(k)
+               _perm = section_perm.split('.')[-1]
+           else:
+               _perm = section_perm = None
+           %>
+            %if _perm not in ['none']:
                         %if section == 'repositories':
                         %if section == 'global':
-                        <span class="perm_tag ${c.rhodecode_user.permissions[section].get(k).split('.')[-1] }">${c.rhodecode_user.permissions[section].get(k)}</span>
+                        <span class="perm_tag ${_perm}">${section_perm}</span>
+             %endif
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