Marcin Kuzminski avatar Marcin Kuzminski committed f47f27a

fixes for #393 py2.5 compatability for url generators

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 - fixed issue with escaping < and > in changeset commits
 - fixed error occurring during recursive group creation in API 
   create_repo function
+- fixed #393 py2.5 fixes for routes url generator
 1.3.3 (**2012-03-02**)


 def _ignorews_url(fileid=None):
+    fileid = str(fileid)
     params = defaultdict(list)
     lbl = _('show white space')
     ig_ws = get_ignore_ws(fileid, request.GET)
     :param fileid:
+    fileid = str(fileid)
     ig_ws = get_ignore_ws(fileid, request.GET)
     ln_ctx = (get_line_ctx(fileid, request.GET) or 3) * 2
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