Bulk quantity of product not added to cart

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When shopping in the bookstore and trying to add a bulk quantity of an item to cart only a single item is added to the cart not the bulk quantity.

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    This is an incorrect use of the bulk pricing feature. Here's how to use it.

    If your requirement is such that if a customer buys 1 qty, the price is $10; if the user buys more than 5, the price is $9 per item but if the user buys more than 10, the price is $8 per item.

    This is how the stock records would look:
    label                      price            min qty
    Single                   10                 1
    Small pack           9                   5
    Large pack           8                   10
  2. BCCF reporter

    Also just to add more clarity. The bulk quantities are specific quantities, not ranges.

    For example, that bulk quantities are packs of 30 and 75 only. Think of it like this: you could buy 1 pen or you would buy the prepacked set of 10 pens or you could buy the extra large pack of 30. There are no in-between quantities. But you could buy 5 of the 10 packs or 2 of the 30 packs.

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