Downloadable content is sent out before Online Bank Transfer money is received

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I was just noticing that when an order is placed and the user selects Online Bank Transfer as their method of payment that downloadable content is sent to the user before payment is actually received.

We need to find a solution for this because if a user gets their product before they actually pay for it why would they bother to go thru with the payment.

When users pay with bill pay could the downloadable content email be triggered by the admin person changing the status of their payment in the backend dashboard?

** I also wonder if this will happen with e-book purchases when paid by Online Bank Transfer.

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    I've made the changes such that the downloadable content will only be sent once the whole payment is marked as "Settled". It will be the case both for Paypal or OBT.

  2. BCCF reporter
    • changed status to open

    I tried to test this out but was unable to figure out how to make an order as settled. Could you please provide instructions on how to do that?

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