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Issue #19 resolved

Getting NPP items for free with a NPP account

created an issue

At first couldn't login to the site with the npp free account. On the second try, it logged in, but wouldn't add products to cart, a programming error appears. The same thing occurred with both the regular and premium NPP accounts, although I was able to login, but not to add things to cart. After checking the cart a second time, the item was there, but it said that there was nothing there, and then when I clicked on checkout the same programming error appeared.

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    I've marked the

    npppre@bccf.ca nppreg@bccf.ca nppfree@bccf.ca

    accounts as NPP eligible in new site. When the site is launched, you will be able to set the flag on User profile at the bccf site when a user is NPP eligible.

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