Users logged in and out a number of times during user flows

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So, I'm highlighting this as a before launch fix because I'm concerned that it is going to be hard to fix not because I think it certainly needs to be fixed before launch.

I'm not sure why users are required to login and out so many times during their user flows.(This is new as of the newest staging site) But it isn't what we had requested in our user flows. When a user comes to the site to complete a task they should only have to login to the site once. All the in and outs that they are currently experiencing is confusing and makes the flow difficult to follow.

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    This is a known issue with the current domain ( and because the authentication cookies can't be shared between these two domains. However, it will work when the sites go online. You may also test this specific functionality on the and It works there because a top level domain ( is being used to set the cookies unlike a second level domain (

  2. BCCF reporter
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    This issue seems to be happening again. I have attached a video that I did this morning while trying to upgrade my affiliation level.

  3. BCCF reporter
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    This issue is happening again when an organizational user is trying to purchase trainings.

    Steps taken:

    Log in to account go to profile select training and add a member to training Press register. user logged out of account and prompted to log back into account. user logs into account and is taken to shopping cart to complete order.

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