All shop Items are suddenly on sale now

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When I logged into the staging site this morning to do a round of testing all the items in the bookstore are now on sale.

I don't see any new sales created in the backend.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.10.43 AM.png

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    I've re-implemented the offer component such that instead of changing the prices automatically (sometimes interferes with other offers), it will update the prices when you press the "Re-index shop".

  2. BCCF reporter
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    This is happening again!!!

    After are training session this morning it seems like items that shouldn't be on sale are on sale.

    All of the BCCF items in the parenting section are on sale:

    Some of the items in the Program resource section:

    The clearance items which are supposed to be 50% off aren't getting the correct discount:

  3. Nav A repo owner

    It appears to be happening due to the active coupons that are present in the shop. The intended behaviour is to show the coupon discounted price. If that needs to change, please let me know. Also, I've changed the shop that if there is ever a discrepancy, clicking on "Re-index shop" should fix it.

    Unfortunately, during debugging I had to change some ranges. Please adjust them as needed.

  4. Nav A repo owner

    An example of the issue:

    Expected behaviour: All items in clearance category should be marked 50% off due to the "Clearance 50% off" offer Current behaviour: All items in clearance category are showing a 25% discount Reason for current behaviour: There is an active coupon called "Welcome Discount: 25% off bookstore" which gives 25% discount to most items in bookstore (some are explicitly excluded). This is the root cause of unexpected behaviour.

  5. BCCF reporter

    I guess I don't understand why a discount code that is only given to select people could affect the sales price that all users receive. We were assuming that a discount code would be a "special" discount that we could share with select people, not with everyone, otherwise, we would have just created a general sale.

    To me, a discount code should only affect the prices that user who has the code is paying.

    Also, in theory, wouldn't the 25% discount code actually give user how have the code an additional 25% off the current price of an item?

  6. BCCF reporter
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    This is still an issue. This morning all the bccf trainings are on sale!

    This needs to get resolved ASAP. We can't have events going on sale randomly. It could be a huge profit loss for us.

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