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The following error shows up when trying to view the following training: Parenting Skills: 7-13

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.12.26 PM.png

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    This seems to be an issue with Online Parenting Programs. Could you please tell me more about these since there is no active training associated with these. The error appears when someone buys this and the system tries to register them to a training.

  2. BCCF reporter

    So Online Trainings used to be located in the bookstore as a product because they have no physical time, location or date and don't require registrants to be added to a registration list.

    However, in the new bookstore, they had tax, and shipping added to them because they were classified as a product. So I had asked you about just moving them over to the training section and creating a new category for them. At that point, we had decided that that was a good solution.

    However, we discovered that this lead to one error after another.

    I think the issue is that Online trainings sort of straddle the line between being a bookstore item and being a training. When we made our original plans we hadn't intended on making all the changes that we have made to how trainings are displayed and in such didn't plan to move the Online Trainings to the training page.

    In theory, we can move them back to the bookstore if that is the best solution. But in terms of organization, I think that they do make more sense displayed on the training page.

  3. Nav A repo owner

    A workaround would be to create a placeholder draft event and connect all these programs to that. This way the system would not error out regarding register the user to the training. Do you think it's acceptable?

  4. Nav A repo owner

    I've created a new category and product type called "Online Parent Programs" and filed these products under those. This issue should be resolved now.

  5. BCCF reporter
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    We are almost there!

    However, tax is currently being added to these trainings and it shouldn't be.

    Trainings should have no shipping or taxes added to them.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.37.49 PM.png

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