User having problems ordering NPP Certificates free of charge

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I tried to login and order the NPP certificates free of charge, and was successfully able to do so, however, one of our users is experiencing difficulty. I have looked at her account, and she should be able to order the certificates free of charge.

She says:

"I just logged out and back in and retried ordering but unfortunately it still is applying charges." Order #100288

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  1. Nav A repo owner

    In order for shop to apply the NPP offer, please make sure the "is npp facilitator" flag is checked in the user profile. I've checked it for now so placing a new order should work.

    Screenshot from 2017-11-30 11-43-44.png

  2. Nav A repo owner

    User had multiple items in the cart causing the discount to not get applied. I logged in as that user, cleared cart and retried adding the npp cert and the discount got applied.

    Screenshot from 2018-07-22 19-55-16.png

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